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OMerdre asked 1 month ago

In the past month, I have sent two e-mails with this question but no response
I am using your plugin on this site:
None of content is searchable at this point, both within the site itself, nor through an external search engine.

I am wondering whether any tweak of your plugin would make that happen?
Thank you very much!

P.S.: Here is an article that shows that SEOs do NOW look for tabbed content:
P.P.S.: In the past your support was outstanding – I even wrote an endorsement at the time – I hope you will respond on your own site. Thank you!

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admin Staff answered 1 month ago

Thanks for contact with us & we are sorry for the delay in a response. we are working on it to improve our plugins SEO & other performance. we update our plugins new version as soon as possible. please stay with us . 

Themepoints Support Team

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