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Jana Forsyth asked 8 months ago

Hello, I have the free version of this plugin and I can see the testimonials are just static on a page… I am afraid it’s not very usable if they don’t rotate. I understand this is just a free version and won’t have all the options of the pro version but it does seem a bit minimalistic. I can’t see that in the shortcode options. 

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admin Staff answered 8 months ago

Testimonial Free version are not static it’s rotating. it’s maybe conflict with any jQuery files that’s why it’s not rotate into your website. feel free to share your website url with us. our developer will take a look at this issues and inform you as soon as possible.


Fabricio answered 8 months ago

Hi, in my web the testimonial too , no rotating http://buscoprofe.com.ar

admin Staff answered 8 months ago

Thanks for share your url . we just check your URL in two different browser (Testimonial Free version) work’s fine in your website. please clear your website cache & try again. see below link for more details. 
Please inform us it work’s or not. we are waiting for your response.

Themepoints Support Team 

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